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Stay: Meditating in the Presence of God

Welcome to Stay: Meditating in the Presence of God: Sophia Barrett’s first book where she invites the world to read her journey of how meditating in the presence of God sets her free from shame, guilt and fear. She writes Stay with you and I in mind: How her personal story and breakthrough can lead the way for us all to overcome the lies of the enemy and experience a greater freedom to enjoy life to the full.

On the outside Sophia appeared to have it all together. A loving husband, 2 beautiful children, incredible friends and a career in ministry. 5 years ago however, she developed chronic sleeplessness and began to lose control to the point where she felt as though she was living in torment, struggling to cope with the pressures of life and the feeling she describes as being dead inside. Sophia looked to the only one who could help; God.
Whilst meditating in the presence of God, He revealed to her the lies she had been believing all her life and how her co-operation with them resulted in her state of despair. In Stay, Sophia illustrates how our thoughts, emotions and relationships can lead us into negative thinking patterns and behaviours with devastating results.
Stay guides us on how we too can experience freedom from past hurts and believe God for a brighter future by meditating in the presence of God. This biblical process of mindfulness or, meditating in the presence of God is the effective solution to improving our relationship with Him as well as a powerful resolution to everyday worries. The popular mindfulness technique teaches us to still our mind from busyness and distraction and therefore find healing from mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety whilst overall improving our general wellbeing.
Sophia is a gifted communicator who God has called to reach into the hearts and minds of people from around the globe. Stay: Meditating in the Presence of God is guaranteed to bring us all into a closer intimacy with our Father in Heaven.

As co-leader of one of the uk’s most exciting and dynamic churches, Sophia Barrett is a christian leader from whom there is much we can learn.

Nicky Gumbel

Snr leader of Holy Trinity Brompton and founder of Alpha

Sophia combines modern-day psychological research and therapeutic practice with timeless wisdom from ancient scripture, and shares the value of learning to be still in a world that’s constantly in flux.

Dr Robi Sonderegger

Clinical psychologist, Family challenge Australia

We thoroughly recommend this brave and inspiring book.

Russell & Sam Evans

Senior pastors of Planetshakers (Melbourne, Australia)

Stay Day

Are you a leader of a church or Women’s ministry? Sophia and the team would love to visit you in your home church for a powerful Stay day. The day will involve worship by the Audacious Church band, teaching, interviews, meditation and ministry. Sophia will take you through each step of biblical meditation so you’ll experience how to bask in the presence of God. You’ll be given the tools of basking to empower you to go away and confidently meditate in the presence of God independently. It’s an opportunity not to be missed.

Fill out the contact page here to register your interest and a member of the team will get back in touch

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